Ticket sales procedures

Ticket sales procedures

Your ticket envelope contains 10 tickets. You are required to sell at least two tickets per concert, but of course we encourage you to sell as many as you can.

The ticket envelope is labeled with a space for each ticket in the envelope. Record the sale of each ticket as follows:

F:   Sold the ticket for full price and gave the ticket to the patron.

S:   Gave the ticket to a student for free.

P:   Pre-paid will-call: the patron has paid for the ticket, which will be placed in a will-call envelope to be picked up on the night of the concert.

W: Unpaid will-call: the patron has not paid for the ticket. The ticket will be placed in a will-call envelope to be picked up and paid for on the night of the concert.

U:  Unpaid ticket given to a patron. If such a ticket is redeemed on the night of the concert, you will be held responsible for its price.

Will-call tickets should be placed in a separate envelope. Pre-labeled will-call envelopes are available: please see the ticket manager.

Do not place student tickets in will-call envelopes. Students may obtain tickets at the door on the night of the concert by presenting a valid student ID.

Return the ticket envelope and any will-call envelopes to the ticket manager as soon as you have sold all of the tickets in the envelope, or do not believe you will sell any more. Your ticket manager appreciates you returning the envelopes as soon as possible, to avoid much last minute paperwork.

If you need more tickets, please see the ticket manager, who will be available for fifteen minutes before and after all rehearsals.

All ticket envelopes must be returned by the last regular rehearsal preceding the concert. If you are unable to sell your tickets by this deadline, you may inform your friends and family that tickets are available for purchase at the door on the night of the concert. Tickets sold at the door cannot be credited to you, and will not count toward your two-ticket responsibility.

Please be careful with the distribution and accounting for your tickets. Any tickets redeemed at the concert that have not otherwise been accounted for will be charged to you.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the ticket manager before or after a rehearsal, or by email at tickets@huntingtongchoralsociety.org.